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EverydayAssess Safeguarding is part of a comprehensive suite of auditing tools developed by EverydayAssess in close association with Local Authority Practitioners, Managers and LSCB members. Its compliance with the most recent legislation and statutory guidance ensures that the practical analysis reported is both relevant and effective.

This easy to implement cloud based solution will improve efficiency and service delivery by auditing the performance of Safeguarding, Fostering, Adoption, Early Intervention teams and promotes Section 11 compliance.

The system will make auditing faster and more consistent, enabling exception and trend reporting.

Benefits Include:

Reduces time taken for audit by up to 70% whilst significantly improving audit accuracy
Process and qualitative input designed to facilitate reflective review and critical analysis
Effective trend management
Supports Munro
Reflective approach enables process and outcome based auditing
No Software
Web-based, requires no software installation or up-front capital investment. Questions and guidance notes are kept up to date to reflect the most recent legislation and statutory guidance
Evidence Based
Improving outcomes for children, young people and their families