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Case Study – Case Study 1

Company – Everyday Limited

Established – 2009

We have been working alongside GemSmart since shortly after Everyday was established in 2009. GemSmart has used their expertise in business and sales to guide us through the complicated world of sales, pipeline development and marketing. As a small company we had an extremely common problem that while our workforce was working on won business we did not have the ability to search for future contacts. GemSamrt helped us to regulate this process and allow for us to develop a clear pipeline of future business while still working on contracts we had already achieved.

With GemSmart providing lead sales support to our company our sales have grown substantially, and we now have a formulated process that will allow our sales to continue to grow at a rate the business can sustain.

We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with GemSmart to improve our sales even further and are currently looking at a variety of other ways the two companies can continue to work together.