Gemsmart Consultancy and ICT Services Services


In any business you need to improve the value each customer perceives in the solution you are providing so improving your ability to justify premium prices. Building a better ‘vision’ with your customers and demonstrating the impact that your product solution resolves are key requirements to get right as well as ensuring your sales don’t fall apart because of poor negotiating skills.

GemSmart will help your business develop effective sales habits by helping you to clearly define your offer to your target markets and help you to understand who you need to be selling to at all times.

GemSmart can help you improve the ability to coordinate and develop business across the company by using a common process and by providing the effective and accurate forecasting.

The first phase is an interactive workshop, usually lasting one day, to jointly agree the key issues facing the business and inhibitors to sales growth. At the end of this phase we will have a clear understanding of the objectives the company is trying to achieve, what you can and cannot afford and the measures that will be required implementing to achieve a successful outcome.

Once agreed we will work with you to devise and implement the strategy that addresses your goals.

These can include:

– Skills Evaluation
– Sales Development Plan
– Implement Sales Process
– Increasing effectiveness in qualification of opportunities
– Improving the productivity of individual sales
– Improving the targeting of prospects
– Reducing the length of your sales cycle
– Improving your win/loss ratio