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Eliminate storage silos. Simplify storage management. Reduce storage costs. Tegile builds hybrid and all flash arrays that meet the performance and capacity needs of your entire business – at one-third the cost of traditional enterprise storage systems

All-Flash & Hybrid

Don’t get locked in to one flash platform. Only Tegile gives you a single storage system that supports both all flash and hybrid configurations. Scale up economically by adding flash and disk as your needs change over time.

Multi-Protocol Support

Store virtual machines, application data, and unstructured data on a single storage system. Tegile flash arrays natively support SAN and NAS storage protocols, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, and SMB 3.0.

Superior Data Reduction

Reduce your storage footprint, drive down costs, and get a performance boost with inline compression and deduplication.

Built-in Data Protection

Eliminate the risk of downtime and data loss. Tegile arrays include snapshot and replication capabilities. You can also natively replicate data between all-flash and hybrid systems for affordable disaster recovery.