EverydayAssess acquire sole rights to Pinnacle Pathway audit tool rebranding to EverydaySafeguarding

Everyday Ltd have acquired the sole rights to the Pinnacle Pathway software which has been renamed to Everyday Safeguarding (www.everydaysafeguarding.com).

Everyday Ltd originally developed the ‘compass’ software on behalf of Pinnacle Pathway and now have acquired the sole rights to distribute the software

Solution Overview
EverydayAssess Safeguarding is part of a comprehensive suite of auditing tools developed by EverydayAssess in close association with Local Authority Practitioners and Managers. Its compliance with the most recent legislation and statutory guidance ensures that the practical analysis reported is both relevant and effective. This easy to implement cloud based solution will improve efficiency and service delivery by auditing the performance of Safeguarding, Fostering, Adoption, and Early Intervention teams. The system will make auditing faster and more consistent, enabling exception and trend reporting.