GemSmart support Computer Computer’s ambitions to speed up growth


The management at Computer-Computer Limited, (Com-Com), have ambitious plans to grow their business. Highly successful at what they do, with a strong sales proposition for their customers Com-Com, despite increasing revenue substantially over the past few years, continue to target increased growth. Com-Com believe that by improving the professional approach they take to their sales process and investing in developing better sales skills they can achieve their growth plans.

Following discussions with the GemSmart team they have taken the first step in asking GemSmart to manage an assessment of each sales person and present development plans for Com-Com to consider. Spread over a two day period working with each sales individual, who was asked to participate in a series of role-plays, presentations and one on one meetings GemSmart were able to present Com-Com with a detailed breakdown of each team members strengths and areas for development.

Com-Com thought the process so helpful that following the initial assessments they have since looked to incorporate similar activities in their interview process for new employees.