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Case Study – Case Study 6

Company – Bull Information Systems

Established – 1930’s

Group Bull are one of Europe’s leading IT organisation with offices in fifty countries, Worldwide revenues of Euro 1.1B and over 8000 employees ( The senior team at GemSmart have over 60 years of experience of working in Bull, Honeywell Bull and Honeywell Information Systems.

They were an integral part of the UK & Ireland business drive into services. Leading the sales growth of the Bull Managed Services division from just 27 people in 1995 to over 1200 by the year 2000, by securing and developing major outsourcing deals in both the public and private sectors. Exceeding annual targets every year the sales team delivered an orders objective of over £200M in 2000. Following the sale of the services business to Steria in 2000. Mike was appointed CEO of the UK & Ireland business and led the transformation of the operation from significant year on year losses in the late 90’s into a business that delivered profit every semester for the next five and a half years. The principles of the “GemSmart Transformation Process” were key to delivering this “turn-around.” During this period Sara led the Sales and Marketing drive, initially into the Product and Support Services areas, then into forming a “new” service business

The results achieved were outstanding. New skills were brought into the UK&I team to support the existing team. The operation was so successful that the “new” services business accounted for a third of the UK&I revenues within just a few years. It was during this exciting time that the Bull team secured the biggest single Agreement for Bull worldwide with a major outsourcing contract in a UK Metropolitan Borough Council.