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Case Study – Case Study 2

Company – HAFM Ltd

Established – 2007

Formed in 2007 Hughes & Associates FM Limited (HAFM) operates an open storage and distribution centre in the Port of Tilbury London Limited, offering full Receive, Handle & Deliver (RH&D) services for the import and export of containers and storage of materials.

During the initial months of the business operating Gemsmart provided support and guidance to the HAFM team, working with them to help establish a professional approach to their operations and assisting them with managing new business opportunities as these opportunities developed into real revenue generating clients. Impressed by the commitment of the whole team at HAFM (and its sister company, Green Barge Limited) Gemsmart demonstrated its belief in the business opportunity by financially investing in the Company, an investment it still holds today.

HAFM continues to thrive and still works closely with the Gemsmart team on significant Company developments and projects.

“We have benefited greatly from the expertise of the guys at Gemsmart and continue to lean heavily upon their people when needing professional help to drive HAFM forward”.   Luke Allison, General Manager, HAFM.