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Case Study – Case Study 4

Company – Tankbay

Established – 2009


A new “start up” organisation Tankbay are working closely with the GemSmart team in a number of areas. Tankbay offer a range of “Open Source” applications into the market place and have plans for significant growth during the next few years. GemSmart are helping Tankbay to achieve these ambitious plans.

The relationship between the two companies developed when GemSmart became an early adopter of the EverydayCRM system. The team at GemSmart, having used a number of similar sales management tools in the past, were convinced that the “Everyday” solution offered a unique “value for money” solution to the SME market place. They approached the software owners about the potential of the product.

The result is that GemSmart are now a shareholder in Tankbay and provide Executive Director support to the business. In addition GemSmart are now a distributor for the Everyday CRM solution and will continue to offer sales and marketing support as the software portfolio develops.